A Simple Sales Message

A simple message
For Sales and Business Development professionals
Fact 1
The sale of complex services and products relies as much on the level of trust in the relationship between the buyer and seller as it does on features and price.
Fact 2
Sellers are under pressure to sell something RIGHT NOW. This puts immense pressure on the seller, who often has to choose whether to push to make a sale now (at any cost), or demonstrate a willingness to build a trusting relationship, maybe even at the expense of making a sale today.
The BIG question
Why does the choice have to be one or the other – sale now, or trusting relationship and maybe no sale???
The surprisingly simple answer
Sellers need a professional skill-set, a consistent mindset, and clear, simple tools to speed up the process of relationship-building, so that they can make sales now, while building immediate rapport and developing sustainable, trust-based, high-value business relationships.
… and don’t kid yourself. In today’s markets, good social skills are just not enough!

Provides professional support for all sales Professionals
  • Open-enrolment workshops
  • In-house workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Train-the-trainer workshops
Our clients learn, understand and practice:
· Establishing rapport and building trust immediately.
· Adopting the latest questioning techniques (way beyond SPIN®)
· Using an easily-learnt, yet highly effective tool to stop them falling into presentation mode too quickly.
· Agreeing next steps and gaining commitment
Our clients also learn how to:
· Identify potential clients on the basis of their preferred buying criteria – to ensure maximum benefit from limited sales time.
· Identify different buyer types and the roles they play in the sales process – and how to influence them.
· Understand their natural behaviour patterns – and how this behaviour impacts buyers in the sales process.
Here are some benefits our clients should expect:
· An ability to develop a “partner” relationship with buyers
· Differentiation of your product or service through the way that the service is both offered and delivered.
· The ability to build rapport with anyone, at any level of an organization.
· Ability to help the client solve their key issues and thus be in a better position to buy your offering.
· Greater confidence in starting conversations in a way that helps the buyer want to be in the conversation.
· Behavioural adaptations to Buyer Style
…leading to a recognizable increase in new and retained business.