Customized Training Videos

Provide your teams with on-demand access to Salesforce Training with high quality, customized training videos

Training Video Solutions

“Instructional design is not rocket science – it’s harder.”
*From e-Learning by Design, by William Horton, 2012

eLearning is all about utilizing electronic technologies to learn outside of the traditional classroom. On-demand access to Salesforce Training video content is gaining massive traction among larger organizations with Salesforce users scattered across the globe. At Salesforce Training, we’ll create custom training video content developed specifically to train your users on how your organization’s instance of Salesforce works.

Are Salesforce Training videos right for your organization? Consider the following:

  • Two out of three employees complete tasks better when instructions are provided visually, and they absorb information 7% faster.
  • Learning and educational content are viewed over a billion times a day on YouTube.
  • Online video course sites like Udemy,, and Skillshare are growing to tens of millions of students.

eLearning offers employers an affordable, time-efficient way to train sales teams. Sales teams benefit from the convenience of on-demand access to training content that enhances their skills and knowledge all while minimizing time away from the field.

E-Learning Solutions

Training Videos customized to your version of Salesforce

Your version of Salesforce has been customized. So it only makes sense to have training videos that reflect how Salesforce works for your teams.

Videos can be short, 2-3 minute updates on basic end-user processes, like Logging a Call, or Creating an Opportunity, or longer, in-depth videos for Admins on more complex functionality.

From customizing the content, to storyboarding the video, adding animation, screen captures, tutorials, sound effects, your company branding, and even hosting on our secure site, let Salesforce Training produce your high quality eLearning content.

Let Salesforce Training create custom video content for your teams

Digital eLearning solutions offer larger organizations with Salesforce users across multiple countries the opportunity to learn Salesforce in the most cost effective and productive manner.

Benefits of eLearning Solutions

eLearning is cost effective

Traditional training can be expensive and frustrating to maintain. eLearning lowers the cost of printed training materials and/or on-site instructors.

Saves Time

For Sales Leaders, eLearning simplifies the management of any new updates. Sales Teams save time by accessing content where and when it’s convenient, rather than relying on scheduled training.

Accommodate Everyone’s Needs and Schedules

eLearning fits everyone’s schedule. Many sales people choose to learn on weekends or evenings so they don’t lose valuable selling time.

Multiple Delivery of Lectures

With eLearning, there’s no concern about sales people that can’t attend the course. Sales people can attend the courses whenever they want with ease.

Quicker Delivery of Lessons

eLearning is very effective at quickly delivering lessons. The delivery cycles are much quicker than traditional classroom based teaching. eLearning can reduce learning time by as much as 50%.

Salesforce for Sales

“Training was well put together & well-paced. Great flow of activities, helpful in identifying efficient processes, and learned a lot of new tips & tricks with Salesforce!”

Johanna Hoang, Testimonial

Johanna Hoang

Client Development Rep, NPD Group Inc.