Sales Team Certification Programs

Level I – Knowledge Check

The Sales Essentials Level I is the first of our three milestones for the salesperson using Salesforce.  This certification measures a salesperson’s understanding of the topics from the training program. Delivered in the format of a post-training knowledge check, this assessment is administered immediately after the course.

The Knowledge Check entails;

  • A quiz of between 15 and 20 multiple choice questions
  • A pass rate of 75%
  • One re-take
  • All results sent to the Sales Leader

Sales Managers are awarded the Sales Leader Level I when their team meets this objective.

Sales Essentials Level 1
Sales Essentials Level 2

Level II – Application Check

While it’s great to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of how Salesforce works, the Sales Essentials Level II badge is awarded to those salespeople that can successfully apply the lessons from training and demonstrate a proficiency with actually using Salesforce.

The Application Check entails;

  • Creating a list of current Leads, or Key Accounts
  • Updating multiple records with key data
  • Creating Contact and Account Hierarchies
  • Creating a Kanban Opportunity Board
  • Updating Opportunities with Next Steps and future close dates

Sales Managers are awarded the Sales Leader Level II when their team meets this objective.

Level III – Performance Check

The ultimate test of a salesperson’s utilization of Salesforce, the Sales Essentials Level III badge assesses whether it has made a positive impact on their performance. In order to assess this, we work with your leadership to establish baseline performance indicators before the Salesforce Training, and compare, using Salesforce Reporting, the performance of the salesperson at an established point in time after training.

The Performance Check entails;

  • Regular attainment of weekly sales activities according to performance standards
  • Regular attainment of quota pipeline
  • Regular attainment of expected revenue

Sales Managers are awarded the Sales Leader Level III when their team meets this objective.