Salesforce Lightning Configuration

Poor Design = Low Adoption

Proper system design isn’t easy. You need to balance what’s right for the organization in terms of data capture versus what’s realistic to expect from your sales teams out in the field, juggling numerous responsibilities while trying to meet quota.

Sales people are traditionally notorious for skipping important fields, omitting key data and missing activities. Hence, Salesforce needs to be configured in a way – both on the desktop as well as (especially) the phone – that makes it as simple as possible for sales reps to find and get to the right actions with a few clicks as possible. We want to make your sales team’s life as simple and logical as possible when navigating Salesforce.

The best Salesforce Adoption strategy in the world can’t compensate for clunky Salesforce design. 


Sales Cloud Lightning Configuration

Working from over a decade of experience, Salesforce Training provides our clients with technical solutions for the Sales Cloud.

Typical improvements include:

  • Streamlined Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity record pages that are easy for sales reps to navigate and populate.
  • New Opportunity record types to reflect your numerous sales deals.
  • Configuration of Sales Path to guide and support sales people throughout the sales process.
  • Proper alignment of Salesforce actions to minimize the number of clicks for sales reps.
  • A sleek, easy to follow mobile experience.
  • An activity management system that captures your key leading indicators.

“Great training experience. Our trainer made everyone feel included and lead a well paced session throughout.”


Jemma Par

Sr Manager, Technical Services Cisco Meraki
Salesforce for Sales