What’s with the new Salesforce Mobile App?

Three times a year, Salesforce releases a new update to the platform. Sometimes it’s a Wow feature, and sometimes, it’s a ‘Meh…

But in the Winter ’20 release was definitely a WOW!

Salesforce reinvigorated the Mobile App, giving it a fresh look and feel for the first time since the launch of Salesforce 1 over a decade ago. Not that Salesforce Mobile was bad, far from it. But now, in our opinion, it’s even better. If you’re a sales rep who’s primarily in the field selling to prospects, you’re going to love the new look.

So, what’s new, and why do we think salespeople will want to pay attention? Overall, this platform will deliver to the user a unified experience between desktop and mobile. The individual record pages are much richer, with a striking similarity to the way the pages render on a desktop. The navigation bar is cleaner.  The notifications are smoother, and the user has a much better access to the App Launcher.

What About Einstein?

Well, of course, Einstein is a big part of the new platform, with automatic access to Einstein Analytics, Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Search (beta).

So, how does your sales team get this now?

Well, if you do nothing, your app will automatically be upgraded for Spring ’20. But if you want your reps to have access sooner than that, we strongly encourage your Admin to enable the new Salesforce mobile app using the Salesforce mobile app QuickStart page in Setup.

For reference, and to make this transition nice and simple for your users, please go to the New Salesforce Mobile App QuickStart page to turn it on now in Setup today. Find more instructions on how to set up and start customizing the new Salesforce mobile app in this trailmix.

So, how do you get Salespeople Excited?

What we’ve found over the years in the training game, is that as cool and advanced as Salesforce is, not every salesperson is inclined to embrace all of the new features. There’s no question that getting your sales team to leverage many of the features of Salesforce is right for your business. The updated platform will also provide a streamlined and time-saving experience for the team.

The new Salesforce Mobile App is a classic example. To demonstrate what Salesforce can do for Sales teams, we find that a formal training session on some or all of what Salesforce can do for sales teams, is a great start. If you want guidance on how to get your teams to embrace Salesforce Lightning and the new Mobile App, we’re just a phone call away.