What the NFL can teach sales leaders

The Role of the Sales Leader:

Firstly and most importantly senior sales management needs to be closely involved from the beginning to the end of any initiative designed to make an impact on their organization. Ownership of this cannot be outsourced. It must be driven and supported from the very top. HR, Learning and Development, line management should also be closely involved but it has to be the job of the sales leader to lead crucial initiatives that are designed to drive sales results. Given that sales leaders are accountable for the sales numbers, if they do not think sales team development is absolutely their role then surely it must imply that they don’t think that it has a material effect on the numbers and the results; and if that’s case one has to question why spend the money in the first place! It’s a bit like the football coach saying that he’ll run the administration and let someone else get on with the job of training the players.

Originally published by Patricia Seabright, Archimedes Consulting Ltd.

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