Salesforce Training for Sales Teams

Instructor led, hands-on workshops, completely customized to get your sales teams engaged.

Customized Training

Salesforce Training will create customized training content that’s tailored to how your sales teams will engage with Salesforce every day.

Our onsite training will enable your sales teams to:

  • Understand how Salesforce Lightning works
  • See how Salesforce Lightning can help them achieve greater success
  • Learn how to create and track leads, key accounts and contacts
  • Stay on top of their sales pipeline
  • Understand how they’re tracking against the right set of activities

This training is aligned with your organization’s overall objectives and is designed to help your sales team understand how Salesforce Lightning will help them to achieve and exceed their sales goals.

Salesforce user training

Sales Team Workshop Objectives

Demonstrate the benefits for a sales person

Your sales team will see how Salesforce Lightning can make them a more effective sales person, and how to be in synch with the organization’s reporting goals.

Create a Weekly Game Plan

Your sales team will understand how the reporting can give them valuable insights that they can use to plan their sales week. They will understand how Salesforce provides guidance on what constitutes a great week and track towards that every day.

Keep Opportunities current with native Salesforce Lightning Tools

Your team will learn how to leverage the Virtual Assistant, Sales Path and Kanban Board in order to guide them on the deals that need the most attention and help them to keep on track with the highest priority items.

Leverage Salesforce Lightning Activity Management

No more phone calls from managers asking reps to report on what they did. Salesforce Lightning Activity management will enable sales teams to track leads, key accounts, contacts and open opportunities and what they are doing next. This enables them to be more efficient with their time on the right activities and no more wasting time preparing reports for managers.

Learn to save time using the Salesforce Lightning Mobile App

We’ll show sales people how spending just 4 minutes after each call, using the native voice dictation features on their phone, will eliminate evenings and weekends sitting at their computer.

Salesforce user training

“The trainer did an outstanding job. He was clear, concise, educational, patient and engaging!”

Eugene Calabria, Testimonial

~ Eugene Calabria

CEO, GBS Corp.