Why The Tidal Wave Gets in the Way of Making Your Sales Targets

What’s the tidal wave?

The tidal wave is the massive amount of “stuff” that comes racing at you everyday, that generally requires your urgent attention. It is highly distracting, often all-consuming, and worst of all, it takes away from the important activities of driving your sales targets.

But is it avoidable? Can’t I just eliminate the tidal wave from my life and focus solely on selling (or whatever it is that your job entails), you might ask.  No, it’s not that simple.

You can’t avoid the tidal wave. It’s going to happen every day, and in fact, ignoring it will lead to big problems for the business. You see, the tidal wave is comprised of not just urgent events, but also includes the mundane, day-to-day items that require your attention just to keep the business running.  So you can’t just avoid the tidal wave. It’s coming at you, every day, and getting out of the way is futile. No, you have to learn how to live with the tidal wave.

Early in the year, the quarter, or even the month, the sales target always looks highly achievable.  You’ve got a lot of days to make it up, you think confidently.  But, in spite of the tidal wave hitting you everyday, you cannot escape the fact that the far away sales target is now one day closer than it was yesterday.  And so, when the tidal wave hits, and keeps you busy, you can leave work thinking that you actually accomplished a lot. And you very well may have accomplished a lot, but it probably didn’t include those key tasks that are responsible for making the sales targets.

The tidal wave is mainly comprised of “right now” items, that is things that need to get done immediately (like yesterday). They pull at you and demand your attention. To avoid them means immediate pain. Now, those activities that lead to making the sales number – prospecting, booking meetings, pre-call planning, etc. are undoubtedly important, but they are not urgent like the tidal wave.  And when urgent collides with important, urgent wins, every time!  Why? Because avoiding the important won’t lead to immediate pain, in fact avoidance may even lead to a degree of peace and serenity.

But avoid them too much, and ultimately you will feel the pain.  The pain will come at the end of the month/quarter/year, when you miss your sales targets. And that’s the big problem with the tidal wave. It’s going to hit you everyday, some days bigger than others. And it’s going to mean that you are busy. But the danger is that it fools you. You’re busy, yes, but not busy doing the things that will get you closer to your sales targets.

The good news is that there is a way to deal with the tidal wave. It means constant and continued focus on the important goals, and a dedication to the daily activities that constitute goal achievement.  And it’s something we can help you with.