The value of the Medical Sales rep:- What are our relationships worth?

Read here What Terri Kern asks about the perceived value of  Sales Representatives in the Pharma industry

…..and my comments below


There was a report that a large pharma company moved all their sales of a major gastro intestinal brand to call centre based marketing
Pretty bold move and apparently it worked

Makes you question a few things:

  • The value of what reps are doing
  • The perception Physicians have of the industry and reps as a valuable resource
  • The value of the highly controlled, 3 key selling message – approach that many Pharma companies favor

The larger the company, often- the more need for strict message control and you end up with highly educated representatives regulated (and limited) to activities far below their true potential

In my experience as advanced Communication Skills Coach, I often find that the skill of “having a meaningful conversation” is lacking. Not because Representatives can’t, – they can- but because it is like a muscle that never gets exercise. If you don’t use it you lose it.

Markus van Aardt
Building Better Business Relationships