The New Salesforce Training

This is a special blog post, as I am taking this time to announce the launch of our brand new website, and more significantly than that, our firm’s new direction. We have just recently qualified as a Registered Consulting Partner with, the world’s number 1 crm program.

With the ever increasing demand to automate the activities of not just sales teams, but marketing teams, customer service teams, and in fact, all areas of an organization that touch ‘clients’, has proven itself to be the most adaptable, most customizable, most affordable solution available, and its popularity is a testament to this. It is not, however, straightforward.

While it clearly offers tremendous advantages to the businesses that embrace it, what these companies have found, is that salesforce implementation generally requires an expertise beyond many firm’s internal capabilities. And that’s where we come in.

With our resident experts, Barry and Paul, we are able to handle almost any salesforce implementation, customization and programming challenge. And with our 27 year old roots as a sales training and consulting firm, we can provide something most consulting companies can’t – the further ability to assist with any number of sales related issues that most organizations face, from helping with hiring, compensation design, on-boarding programs, sales assessments, sales training and sales management support and training.

Perhaps the best aspect of this 360 degree support, is that as a crm tool, provides most companies with a tremendous resource when it comes to enhancing any training solution. By encouraging process, and consistency amongst sales people when entering data and evaluating deals, salesforce provides a sales manager with a great opportunity to instill the lessons taken from sales training, and make them a part of the daily sales routine.
And this is just the starting point. As salesforce continues to evolve, and the app exchange continues to grow, the potential to truly take your sales team to new heights is very real.

Please continue to look for more posts on our blog, ranging from tips and techniques related to ensuring you staff with the Right People, ensure that they are equipped with both the Right Skills, and the Right Tools.

Good selling!