Test Your Salesforce Training Knowledge: A Pop Quiz

This is your chance to show off your Salesforce smarts.

Not to worry, I am not keeping score (but the answers are at the bottom of this post). Some of these should be self-evident, others may challenge you, but hopefully all of them are enlightening and entertaining.


#1: The average spend on training per sales rep/per year is:

(a) $8,788

(b) $773

(c) $1,947


#2: For an organization with 30-50 sales people, how many top sales performers (both in terms of technical savvy and sales production) should you invest in training, and incentivize them to train everyone else.

(a) 2 people

(b) 5-7 people

(c) 8-10 people


#3: The Leading Causes of Poor Salesforce Adoption is:

(a) Executives that won’t Walk the Walk

(b) Lack of, or insufficient training

(c) No post-training reinforcement plan

(d) All of the above


#4: On average, how many months does it take before a new behavior becomes automatic, or what we call unconsciously competent?

(a) Two months

(b) 66 days

(c) two weeks

(d) three weeks


#5:  During our training sessions at Salesforce Training, we are strong advocates of…

(a) Death by PowerPoint

(b) Role Play

(c) Watching training videos


#6: Salesforce Super Users are not necessarily the best sales people

True or False


#7: 64% of salespeople who fail, do so because:

(a) They are in the wrong job

(b) They cannot sell

(c) Inept Sales Managers

(d) Cannot adapt to new processes


#8: 92% of all customer interactions happen by:

(a) Text

(b) Email

(c) Phone

(d) LinkedIn


#9: What percentage of sales managers are too busy to train and develop their sales teams?

(a) 20%

(b) 60%

(c) 40%

(d) 50%


#10: The best way to roll out a new process, whether it’s a selling skill or a new technology platform like Salesforce is:

(a) Micromanaging at the start a new project

(b) Being transparent and consistent

(c) Keep an agenda is that opaque and keep them guessing


How did you do?

If you scored:

1-4 correct     Give us a call and let’s talk Salesforce Training (always small ‘f’)

5+ correct      Impressive!  Perhaps room for better performance though, give us a call

10 correct      High five!  You’re really ready to implement effective training…give us a call


1 (c), 2 (a), 3 (d), 4 (a & b), 5 (b), 6 (True), 7 (a), 8 (c), 9 (d), 10 (b)



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