Single Topic Workshops

An excellent opportunity to liven up sales meetings.

Here’s a series of professional workshops that are ideal for companies and organizations wanting to liven up weekly or annual sales meetings, luncheons, trade shows or general get-togethers. All programs are packed with powerful, leading-edge information that is sure to motivate, sharpen skills and enhance team spirit. Two or more topics can be combined for an extended program.


45- to 90-Minute Topics

  • Why Salespeople Fail…and What To Do About It
  • Effective Sales Presentations
  • Time and the Salesperson
  • Building Client Rapport
  • Warming Up Cold Calls
  • Improving Your Planning & Organizational Skills
  • Understanding the Buying/Selling Process
  • Uncovering Hidden Objections
  • Prospecting for Gold
  • Managing Your Sales Territory
  • Convincing the Prospect to Buy
  • Going for the Close
  • Selling Against Your Competition
  • Qualifying Your Prospect
  • Developing Major Accounts
  • Handling Genuine Objections
  • Keys to Getting Referrals
  • Get Your Net Working

Half-Day Topics

  • Handling the Dread Price (and Other) Objection
  • The Magic of Sales Management: Who Holds the Magic Potion?
  • Closing the Sale: 13 ways to get your Prospect to Say “Yes!”
  • Getting the Most out of Your CRM: Salesforce 101
  • Prospecting for Fun and Profit: But Mostly Profit
  • Different Strokes for Different Folks: The Impact of Personality on the Sale
Salesforce for Sales

“Really enjoyed the step by step instructions in the booklet provided.”


Joe Soloski

Sales Representative, Emergent Biosolutions