Salesforce Training for Financial Service Firms

Without a doubt, the most important tool on the market for financial service companies today is the CRM platform that takes everything from customer outreach to employee collaboration and places it firmly in the cloud. Though the company has been around for more than a decade, its cloud-based approach to operations has only recently been embraced on a large scale by finance companies. A large number of those companies actually remain a bit skeptical when it comes to providing Salesforce training for their employees to use this software and implement it fully, but there are some significant benefits to doing just that.

Getting started with Salesforce takes some time. First of all, its not intuitive. The basic structure and navigation is not inherently simple to understand, however, for companies that employ Salesforce Training, once the system is spelled out, it becomes increasingly clear why Salesforce is set up the way that it is. And secondly, the system comes fully loaded – everything on. It’s up to the business to determine which features they want to turn off/hide. The system needs to stay simple so when users log in, they don’t see 20 different functions that they don’t use, nor would they ever use. The same goes for all input screens.Included in Salesforce Training is a Business Process Review, or BPR. The BPR helps us to determine, out of the 1,000 different features, which 5, 50 or 500 are needed by your group to be successful basic users. It also tells us how those 5, 50 or 500 features need to be set up. Salesforce is very flexible, and allows features to be setup a multitude of different ways. The BPR helps us to determine the easiest and most streamlined way for your business. Any required changes that we uncover in the BPR will be passed to your IT team (along with training), so that they are able to maintain and change the system on an ongoing basis to support your evolving structure.


Putting Sales of Financial Services into the Cloud

One of the things that has driven financial companies crazy since the dawn of the electronic age is that their customer records and databases seem to be a bit dated and inefficient. That’s because they’re often stored on local servers, using proprietary formats, and occasionally outdated software. Bringing them into the modern age can be a challenge, but that’s not the case with Salesforce.

Instead, the “Sales Cloud,” as Salesforce calls it, uses a highly customizable database that is focused solely on outreach. The cloud-based approach to sales allows a financial company’s employees to log in and view marketing information from any computer or device within their possession. With the proper Salesforce training, they’ll easily understand how to log the results of marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as the interactions that occur between employees and each customer that the company is marketing their products to.

Over time, this cloud-based approach will result in a better idea of who the target customers, and target demographics, really are. With databases that are easier to read and access, a company’s reach and scope can be more easily expanded and managed.


Salesforce Training Leads to Better Customer Interaction

With the “Service Cloud” side of the Salesforce software, customers can follow customer support inquiries from their own computers, while company professionals can expertly manage customer concerns in a cloud-based, universal way. Because all of the Salesforce tools are stored on the company’s server, and accessed through a web browser, this method means that customer interaction can be engaged in both at the office and at home.

Salesforce training promotes customer interaction and communication at all levels, via all devices, in all settings. That’s a net gain for finance companies that are looking to improve how they’re perceived by a skeptical general public. In an era of inherent corporate distrust, allowing for better communication and service delivery is often the key to a better bottom line and a friendlier reputation among existing customers and those that are potential new additions to the company’s product line.


Collaboration Just Got Easier

Salesforce training is a key way for financial service companies to join the 21st century way of doing business and getting work done. In this modern era of employment, many professionals are working from home and telecommuting to work when the need arises. In a bygone era, financial employees wouldn’t be able to do that because they’d have no way to get in touch with customers, work on customer support problems, or market services to prospective clients. Without the massive investment needed for bespoke in-house systems or office space companies are really seeing the benefits on their bottom line.

Not only does Salesforce enable these things from anywhere in the world, but it also promotes real-time collaboration with company employees via services like Chatter. It’s now possible for financial service companies to leave the bounds of their top-floor offices and instead get work done from the comfort of a regional office, or even the home office. With cloud-based customer resources and excellent online collaboration tools for employees, the office is more a state of mind than a physical destination. This way companies can maximize resources whilst minimizing costs to the business account.


The Driving Force in Cloud-Based Business Strategies

There is no CRM service more influential and widely used than The software can be accessed via any employee, over any connection, using any device, anywhere in the world. Its standardized way of communicating with employees, marketing services, and tracking customers, allows for effortless sales and targeting that just wouldn’t be possible using older resources. For these reasons and more, Salesforce training is the key to long-term success by all of a company’s employees at every level.


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