Trained – What It Takes

It struck me the other day how so few people recognize the depth and complexity of I suppose its partially because Salesforce does a pretty good job at marketing themselves as somewhat easy to install and use.

Don’t get us wrong. Salesforce is a fantastic CRM and can dramatically improve your organization’s results, if implemented properly. But it does require a fair amount of knowledge and background when it comes to setting it up properly and showing your users how to get the most from it.

Request To Train

The realization that many acquirers of sfdc are expecting things to be pretty straightforward, stems from the multitude of calls we take weekly from people who want to be trained on Salesforce. They are primarily in some sort of administrative position, as a sales coordinator, executive assistant, assistant to marketing, etc, and they’ve been tasked with managing the company’s sftc platform, yet they know relatively little to nothing about it. training is certainly one of our solutions, and I’m sure that’s why we receive these calls. However, most callers seem to be under some sort of impression that within a few short hours, we can have them up to speed and ready to run and support Salesforce for their entire operation. Sorry folks, it just doesn’t work this way.

I liken it to the President of the company asking his assistant to find a short course on accounting so that she can now manage the books and prepare the tax filings. Or, in a similar way (which happens all the time) asking the top sales person who has no management experience to now lead the sales team.

The Vastly Misunderstood Salesforce Admin Role

The reality is that to understand Salesforce to the degree that a qualified Salesforce administrator does, takes many hours of course work, and also a few years of on-the-job application. The certified consultants and administrators that we use have spent most of their working days, literally for years, playing around with Salesforce. After seeing repeated instances of different user instances, staying current with the latest editions, participating in discussion forums and groups, and attendance at seminars, our consultants are experts in understanding how Salesforce can be leveraged to maximize a company’s sales team’s performance.

Like the accountant who needs years of hands-on experience in addition to their substantial classroom training in order to prescribe the correct solutions to an organization’s accounting issues, so to does the proper support person require significant time understanding this program to be of any real value to the organization’s sales/service team. We are more than happy to provide anyone with a base line education in Salesforce. But we are also quite clear with people, in order to set proper expectations, that this introduction will hardly equip you to properly administer this program.

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