– Have you identified an Admin?

Many companies are automating their sales team’s efforts with, which is fantastic, as it means companies are starting to realize the importance of integrating best of breed CRM technology in order to remain competitive.  What many companies are also figuring  out, as I posted on Monday, is that is an incredibly powerful tool, that requires a fairly dedicated level of support to implement it and align it to your organization’s sales process.

But what about after the initial implementation and training?

It probably would come as no surprise that salesforce is continually innovating and upgrading their system. In fact, salesforce releases three new versions of their software, er, I mean non-software, a year. So, while this means lots of exciting new features that can help your sales team, it also means that you’ll need someone who is dedicated to the proper utilization of salesforce for everyone, including ongoing training and support.

So what makes an ideal Salesforce CRM Admin? Experience shows that successful admins can come from a variety of backgrounds, including sales, sales operations, marketing, support, channel management, and IT. A technical background may be helpful, but is not a requirement.  What matters most is that your admin is responsive to your users and thoroughly familiar with your business and the customization capabilities of Salesforce CRM.

Here are the top 5 qualities to look for in an administrator:

1. A solid, holistic understanding of your business processes.
2. Knowledge of the organizational structure and culture to help build relationships with
key groups.
3. Excellent communication, motivational, and training skills.
4. The desire to be the voice of the user in communicating with management.
5. Analytical skills to respond to requested changes and identify customizations needed.

As one can see, while the role can be filled with people of a multitude of backgrounds, the role
itself is an essential component to running a successful salesforce environment.

For more information on this topic, please refer to The Right Tools.

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