Sales Training

Value-Based Selling with Salesforce


Salesforce Training delivers the only blended training program in the world for both:

  • Sales Skills and
  • Salesforce

We have a 30-year history as a pure selling skills training company, and a 10-year history delivering training. We’ve developed a custom training program that shows your sales team how to sell more effectively and how to use Salesforce to support this effort.

Sales Training

An Intensive, 2-Day Hands-on Workshop

Value Based Selling with Salesforce offers a unique opportunity to help your salespeople

  • refine and strengthen their selling skills,
  • develop techniques for controlling the sale, and
  • master more sophisticated methods of approaching, qualifying, and selling to potential customers, all while utilizing the power of Salesforce Lightning to guide them every step of the way.

In this workshop, they’ll learn how to ask the right questions in order to uncover their prospect’s needs and concerns. They’ll find out how to use this information to provide effective solutions, make more dynamic sales presentations, overcome objections, and close more sales. 

Simultaneously, they’ll learn the effective use of Salesforce Lightning and it’s native tools – the Opportunity Sales Path, the Kanban Opportunity Board, the Virtual Assistant and the Salesforce Mobile app to help keep them, and the organization, on track to meeting sales goals.

Areas of Coverage

Day 1

  • Sell Value
  • Keys to Relationship & Consultative Selling
  • Setting up for Success
  • Salesforce Lighting Tie-in
    • Activity Management
    • The Kanban Opportunity Board
  • Understanding the Sales Process
  • Salesforce Lighting Tie-in
    • Lead Conversion
    • The Opportunity Record
  • Selling Against the Competition
  • Salesforce Lightning Tie-in
    • Capturing and sharing competitive data

Day 2

  • The Secret to Effective Qualification
  • Salesforce Lightning Tie-in
    • The Salesforce Sales Path
    • Salesforce Mobile App
  • Presenting Solutions with Impact
  • Handling Price Objections
  • Mastering the Close
Salesforce user training

“Mark is great. I cannot think a Sales training program without Mark as the trainer. Thank you!!!”

Salesforce for Sales

~ Whitney Reynolds

Director, Emergent BioSolutions