Sales Presentations That Sell

Most salespeople spend about 95 percent of their training getting product knowledge. They are often proud of the amount of product knowledge they have accumulated, and rightly so.
Sometimes they’re so proud of all their product knowledge (we call it being “full of it”) that they can’t wait to tell the prospect all about their product.
And therein lies the problem. Too many salespeople think that “telling is selling” and that a sales presentation is a one-way discussion with the salesperson talking and the prospect, hopefully, listening. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, if you try to do all the talking, you’re likely to lose the prospect and the sale.
An effective sales presentation keeps the prospect involved. You want to constantly assess the situation to make sure you are continuing to transmit on the prospect’s frequency. And what frequency is that? Well, think of your prospect’s favorite radio station WIFM-FM. That’s radio station “What’s In It For Me – FOR ME!”
So remember, beware of these presentation don’ts:
• Don’t make your benefit statements too long.
• Don’t give too many benefits.
• Don’t give an unrelated benefit.
• Don’t give an inappropriate benefit.
• And, don’t get out of touch with the prospect.  Broadcast on WIFM-FM!