Sales Pitch – Tablet Style!

The sales pitch is when you get to sparkle. It’s when you (ideally) dazzle the client with the benefits of your solution, when you demonstrate your understanding of their problems/wants/needs, and when you overcome the final objection to get a signature on your contract. While you may have many sales support tools at your disposal – flyers, sell sheets, PowerPoint presentations and calculators, the sales pitch is really about you and the prospect. Today’s technology enables that 1-to-1 engagement with an iPad or tablet PC without a tangle of cords, external wi-fi cards, scattered paper forms, or bulky carrying bags. In fact, tablet PCs can be seen as a revolutionary tool to help drive productivity and increase sales.

A tablet PC provides a fluid and interactive way to share a variety of content with your prospects. The iPad and tablet PCs were built for people who need to do multiple tasks fast. Plus the touch screen technology removes the need to be a typing wizard.  You can use 1 – 2 fingers to do it all, you can quickly zoom content to a size preferred by your audience, and it’s fast and easy to skip from PDF to presentation to video to pictures.

Instead of your presentation tool separating you from your audience, a tablet makes it easy to maintain conversation. It’s not intrusive, obscuring view, the keyboard isn’t hidden, making it easier for prospects to trust what you’re doing and the customer can get involved as touch screens are very easy to use.

Business Usage of tablets*

73% use tablet for browsing

69% use tables for email

67% use tablets to work remotely

46% use tablets for sales support

45% use tablets for customer presentations


  • Lightweight – you can stick them in a portfolio or purse
  • Fast – access files and folders while in the field
  • Easier to use than a Smartphone – for accessing your Touch in early 2012 or other CRM software
  • The WOW! factor – a sleek, modern image of your company and your solutions
  • Adaptable – can be used in various presentations modes – lying flat, hand held or on a kickstand
  • Easily involve the prospect in the presentation – easy-to-understand touch navigation
  • They’re GPS enabled, making it easier to find local prospects
  • Easy to flip though and search product inventories

If your company isn’t distributing tablet PCs on their tab, you could still invest in one to increase your personal productivity, but unless it’s formally adopted, your company may not provide technical assistance. The increase in output may be worth the investment.  Here’s some recent research around deployment timelines for corporate tablets in the U.S.

The big question is whether a tablet can replace a PC. At the lower price point, deploying tablets to your Salesforce could save your company significant costs, provided all functionality you need is available on a tablet.

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