Sales Closing Technique #2 of 8

#2.  Alternate Choice Close

This classic close is often considered the most popular of closing techniques. It’s an easy way of asking for the order without asking them to buy. The idea is to give your prospect two logical choices. Whichever one they choose, they’ve said “yes.” Don’t use this close unless you receive strong buying signals. If you misjudge, the prospect may feel you’re trying to manipulate or rush him.

Useful with:  All buyer styles


• What payment plan do you like—monthly or quarterly installments?

• Will the half-day or full-day of training work best for you?

• When would you like your service contract to start—at the end of your fiscal year, or at the end of the calendar year?

• Where should we send the order—to the main office or your warehouse?

• Will you be taking this with you or would you like it delivered?

• Which one do you prefer—the red or the blue?

• Will delivery on Tuesday suit you or would Thursday be better?

• Would you like us to do the installation or will you look after it?