Sales Calls to Avoid

Here are typical useless calls that too many salespeople make. (Typical prospect responses are in brackets and are usually intended to get rid of the salesperson.)

1.    The Post-Office Check-Up Call

First the salesperson starts by checking on the post office:

Hi, I’m just calling to see if you got the literature I sent.
(“Yes I did, thanks.”)

Then they do a vision check:

Did you see anything you liked?
(“Not really” or “I haven’t had time to look it over.”)

And they finish off with a comprehension test:

Do you have any questions?
(“Not at this time, I’ll call you if I do.”)

2.    The What’s-Happening Call

I’m just calling to see what’s happening with the proposal we sent you.
(Nothing’s happening, I’ll call you when something does.”)

3.    The Pick-Up-An-Order Call

I just dropped in to see if you have anything for me this month.
(“Nope, nothing. I’ll call you if I do.”)

4.    The General-State-of-the-Union Call

I’m just calling to see how things are going.
(“Fine thanks.”)

5.    The “I-Don’t-Know-What-to-do-With-My-Time-so-I-Just-Thought-I’d-Bother-You” Call

Hi. I’m just calling to see how things are going and… (telephone call)
— or —
Hi. I just happened to be in area so I thought I’d drop in and… (drop-in visit)

Note:  Doesn’t this last approach make the prospect feel real special? We just happened to be in the area? Even if this is true, don’t insult a prospect by saying it.

Can you see how each of these calls violates the basic rule for making effective calls. Not only isn’t there a specific purpose for the call, but each approach is based on what the salesperson wants, not on what might be of interest or value to the prospect.

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