Maximize Your Revenue Potential with Salesforce

The Growth Strategy that Best-in-Class Companies Use to Gain a Competitive Advantage

The Future of Revenue Growth

Growth companies must invest in the right areas to expand their market share. However, do you know what drives revenue in your organization? Does your data tell you a story about the specific sales activities in your company that equate to revenue? Has your implementation of Salesforce been set up to capture this data? Are your salespeople using Salesforce in a way that this data is being captured?

Leaders make growth decisions with the best information available, however, what if you are not getting the right insights to make informed decisions? 

Barriers to Growth & Scale

When rapid growth occurs, teams expand and eventually become siloed, manual processes emerge, and new technologies are added to make the business more efficient. Ultimately, these layers stop working well together, inefficient operational cracks emerge, the data required to make informed decisions becomes trapped and revenue begins to leak. 


Start With This Question

It starts with an extremely simple question. And the foundational question any given leader wants to answer is this: 

Which leads become opportunities and how do opportunities become customers?

According to McKinsey’s Sales Growth Survey, companies that are growing faster than their peers rate themselves as effective users of analytics. 

If you are trying to reach new revenue milestones, your growth analytics should help you answer these questions: 


  • GOALS: Does your data tell you how to reach/exceed your aggressive revenue goals?
  • FOCUS: Is your sales team focussed on key revenue generating activities?
  • SPEED: Are your KPIs helping you to make revenue impact within your quarter?
  • VOLUME: Do you know how many key activities your team needs to meet to hit quota?
  • ACTIVITIES: Which ones are the most important for driving revenue?
  • PREDICTABILITY: Are you confident with reaching set revenue goals?

The Big 5 Revenue Leaks

Revenue leaks are all the ways a company fails to capitalize on incremental revenue or burns resources through operational inefficiencies. In our work with companies trying to scale their own invisible walls, we’ve found five common leaks. 

Of all of these, unusable or unreliable data represents the most serious leak. By failing to properly leverage their data, companies simply don’t make the right decisions at the right time. But how much damage is this causing? 

Gartner’s Data Quality Survey suggests, the average annual financial cost of poor-quality data is $15 million. Mei Yang Selvage, Research Director at Gartner, says not only are organizations taking a financial hit, poor data quality practices undermine digital initiatives, weaken their competitive standing and sow customer distrust.




Maximize Your Revenue Potential with Salesforce

A Strategic, Data-First Approach

Our engagement includes growth expertise, data advisory + implementation and works in 3 phases: 

Identify: leaking revenue and opportunities are identified in your current selling processes and your data-driven growth strategy is mapped out. 

Optimize: activities that drive revenue fastest are uncovered and captured in a scaleable model. 

Accelerate: insights are leveraged to drive repeatable revenue outcomes, faster. 

Maximize Your Revenue Potential with Salesforce
So you want to learn Salesforce.

Cross Functional Value

Data and analytics insights are effectively applied across your customer revenue lifecycle, providing clarity for your sales teams to focus on the highest impact, revenue-generating activities. 

Revenue Leaders: understand which key activities and people are required to meet + exceed targets. 

Sales Teams: save time and accelerate deals with a systematized, data-informed process. 

Marketing: maximize growth investments and attribute effort to revenue. 

“Eileen was very well prepared. She was also very knowledgeable and extremely nice.”


Mechelle Kennedy

Data Analyst, Neustar

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