Making a difference in your bottom line- Right Now


First of all, I would like to wish you a great and prosperous 2010 fall! This time of the year, people normally take a deep breath and brace themselves for the rush towards December. Forecasts need to be met and expectations need to be exceeded.

Times are uncertain and now our focus needs to be sharper than ever before in order to achieve our goals
In a previous newsletter, I asked: “Do you communicate effectively?”

Effective communication is critical, but this time I would like to share some ideas about the most valuable business commodity. – TRUST

TRUST says: “I know that the solution you are offering, is the Best Solution for me.

TRUST says:I will come back to you for help in the future, even if you may not have the answer

Consider these points:

  • We all know the importance of relationships, particularly right now
  • We all are under huge pressure to perform immediately, particularly right now
  • We all know that building trust-based, credible relationships takes time, which we don’t have right now
  • Everyone needs a PROFESSIONAL skill-set to speed up the process, particularly right now

I can provide your sales force with the Skill-Set and the Mindset, to speed up the sales process and to get business right now, while nurturing valuable relationships for the future.

I can provide your Sales force with Clear, Professional Tools, to complement their training and technical skill-set in order to drive business while the others are spinning their wheels

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Markus van Aardt