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Step By Step Video Guides for Salesforce

If you need to implement Salesforce but are concerned about the high cost of implementation and management, Launchpad can help.

The low risk, low cost way to implement Salesforce.

Implement Salesforce with Launchpad

Setting up Salesforce can be scary. We make it simple.
Launchpad provides step by step Salesforce video guides for businesses to get Salesforce up and running. It provides a low cost option, allowing businesses to implement Salesforce without the need for a high priced consultant.

Do-it-yourself Salesforce implementations for $99 /mo.

Most businesses who have committed to Salesforce are put off by the high cost of implementation. Launchpad provides an extremely affordable step by step system for setting up Salesforce so that your company can leverage the world’s most powerful CRM within days.


Step-By-Step Salesforce Setup

If you can use Word and Excel, you can get Salesforce up and running using Launchpad.

  • No high priced consultants
  • Leverage deep expertise and experience
  • No prior Salesforce knowledge needed
  • You manage ongoing support and costs
  • You learn as you go

Our step by step video solution for Salesforce requires no existing knowledge of Salesforce or any CRM.

Start using the world’s most powerful CRM affordably.

About Launchpad

At Launchpad, we have vast technical and business experience in implementing Salesforce for organizations of all sizes, from small business to large enterprises.

We discovered that businesses are put off with the cost of implementing Salesforce, including:

  • The high hourly rate of consultants
  • Getting quality people to do the work
  • The extended time frames before Salesforce is ready
  • Ongoing maintenance costs

We’ve seen companies pay $5,000 or more for a Salesforce Implementation, but they still didn’t know how to use it. And any change could cost upwards of $250 an hour.

We have combined our technical and administrative knowledge of Salesforce with our training and business expertise to provide businesses with a straightforward solution that enables them to implement Salesforce successfully – all on their own.


How it Works


Step 1

Engage with our step by step training solution, at your own pace.


Step 2

Configure Salesforce to align with your business.


Step 3

Start using Salesforce.


What it includes

  • Step by Step Guide for Salesforce Sales Cloud Setup for B2B
  • New videos and courses constantly added to enhance and maintain Salesforce
  • Expert support when you need it

What You Get Out of It


Where Launchpad is Not a Fit

It’s important to note that Launchpad is not for all situations.

  • If you require major integrations between Salesforce and other software, we are not a fit
  • If you need a highly complex implementation, we are not a fit

Launchpad provides a standard implementation for Salesforce Sales Cloud – which is what many businesses need.

If you are not sure of the complexity of your own implementation, tell us about your requirements.

Here’s Who We Help

  • We are thinking about buying Salesforce but it’s very expensive to set it up and train users
  • We bought Salesforce, but we couldn’t set it up on our own
  • We bought Salesforce but it cost a lot to set up and now it keeps costing more to manage and administrate it.
  • We had Salesforce setup for us, but we don’t know who’s going to show our sales team how to use it.
  • We had Salesforce setup for us, but the experts who did it, left.
  • We had Salesforce setup for us, but our sales team isn’t using it.

Launchpad provides your organization with the fundamentals of setting up Salesforce. Imagine your organization being able to setup and manage Salesforce for only $99 /mo.



What do I get for the $99/month subscription?

The Launchpad subscription is designed to be all-encompassing. Our initial course covers the setup of Sales Cloud B2B, but as we add additional courses i.e. Service Cloud, Pardot, Communities, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Training for Sales Teams, you will also get access to all of those.

Do you offer support?

We sure do! It’s one of our main benefits. We provide support through for any questions that fall into scope of the subjects covered in our course.

Can I cancel my subscription?

If at any time you feel like you aren’t getting value out of Launchpad you can cancel your subscription, no questions asked. However, we strive to constantly provide value by giving you new content and we are always open to feedback on how we can improve.

Is Launchpad better than Trailhead?

Listen, we love Trailhead and often point some of our training classes to different modules for supplemental information. But, in our opinion, it’s not ideal for setting up a Salesforce org from the outset.

Think of Trailhead as a massive textbook on Salesforce. In comparison, Launchpad is the answer guide to the test. While Trailhead certainly has good information sprinkled throughout it, it is designed to educate individuals that want a career in Salesforce as opposed to helping companies implement Salesforce. Launchpad provides the exact steps in easy to follow video guides to get Salesforce up and running for your company in the most efficient manner possible.

How many lessons are there, and how long will this take me to complete?

There are a total of 25 lessons covering the key topics, from how to login, how to create custom Profiles, how to set up your main Sales Objects, to how to create Reports. The lessons span from 3 ½ minutes to almost 19 minutes. Most are less than ten minutes. There are two additional videos, an introduction and a conclusion. You could watch the entire series in a day or two.

Now how long it will take you to set up your Salesforce is entirely up to you, and to some degree your team, and how much time and attention you want to devote to this project. But it is not unreasonable to suggest that one could set up their Salesforce correctly within a week if they dedicate themselves to the task.

What if my company sells B2C?
The majority of the lessons in the Sales Cloud course are made for both B2B and B2C companies. However, there are several specific lessons that are needed for B2C companies and we are currently producing those videos with hopes to release them in early 2021.
How often are new lessons available?
We have several full courses and one-off lessons that we are currently producing. You can expect new content to be available every month.
Do you offer consulting services for custom needs or implementation projects?
It depends on the level of custom consulting you need, but we are happy to discuss that with you and provide a quote. If we aren’t the best fit for your needs, we can certainly introduce you to one of our partners that specializes in what you need.
Do I need to be familiar with Salesforce?
Not at all. We designed Launchpad for people that have never used Salesforce or any other CRM. We walk you through every step so you understand what to do and exactly how to do it.
What if I am not very technical?
If you can figure out how to use Microsoft Word and Excel, then you can follow the step-by-step videos of Launchpad to setup Salesforce.
Who from my company needs to be involved?
Whomever at the company will “own” Salesforce is who should be directly involved and going through the videos on Launchpad. If you have other employees that will need to own parts of Salesforce you can certainly buy access to Launchpad for them as well. As the Salesforce administrator works through the Sales Cloud course they will need to consult with the Sales leader at the company (which is sometimes themselves), and possible selected members of the sales team, in order to ensure Salesforce is set up to satisfy all the needs.
After I’ve set it up, who trains my Users / Teams?

Well, there’s enough information in Launchpad that after going through the course, we feel that you would certainly be equipped to provide your teams with the basic fundamentals of Salesforce from an end-user perspective. In fact, there are several lessons that have less to do with the setup of Salesforce and more with what an end-user needs to know that would be worthwhile for your teams to view. And as discussed earlier, additional lessons aimed directly towards Sales and Service Managers and Salespeople are in the works.

Of course, we are more than happy to discuss a broader, more customized Salesforce training program for your teams, no matter where in the world they are located. We are a Salesforce Training company, afterall!

What would I pay a consultant to do this for me?
In order to set up Salesforce, a “Quick Start” or “Jump Start” package, which is what you will do yourself with Launchpad, is generally $5,000 when purchased from a consulting firm. On top of that, if you need any changes outside of the scope of the Quick Start, most reputable consulting companies will charge an average of between $160/hour and $200/hour, and that is if they even offer ad hoc support, which many tend to shy away from. The beauty of Launchpad is that by going through the entire program yourself, you’ll be in a far better position to solve many of the ongoing issues presented by Salesforce yourself without any external guidance. You can clearly see the benefits of Launchpad when looking at these numbers.
After this course, will I know enough to pass the Salesforce Admin Certification exam?
Well, you could certainly attempt to pass the exam. But, in our opinion, you still wouldn’t know enough. There are questions on this exam that cover areas that we frankly do not cover in this course, on purpose. This course is designed to get you a ready-to-go working version of Salesforce that reflects your company’s business processes, not to prepare you to pass the Admin Certification.

Don’t let this happen to you

  • Pay for an expensive implementation of Salesforce
  • No one in our organization knows how to use Salesforce
  • Every little change we make, we need to pay a consultant
  • Our salespeople aren’t using it
  • We aren’t happy with our implementation
  • We aren’t getting the value we expected from Salesforce

What if You Were Empowered to Control Costs?

  • Get a proven process for implementing Salesforce
  • Only $99 /mo helps you to control the cost of implementation and management
  • Access to training resources and support to ensure your successes
  • Resources to help you maintain Salesforce on an ongoing basis

Make Salesforce work for $99 /mo

If you are serious about making Salesforce work for your organization in an affordable way, get started with Launchpad.

We believe that it should not be this hard.