So you’ve got Salesforce for the Sales Team. Great!
Now what?

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Training for Salesforce
Are you struggling to get your sales team to use Salesforce?

Make Salesforce Work for Your Sales Team

Many businesses are frustrated that their sales teams aren’t using Salesforce as effectively as they could be. We fix that. Our clients leave our training programs with a game plan to leverage Salesforce the way it was designed, with immediate impacts to the bottom line.

Focused on Sales Team Adoption and Productivity


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Salesforce Adoption

We understand how to get sales teams to use Salesforce. We don’t just teach skills. We focus on changing behavior. We do this by demonstrating the “What’s In It for You”. Your teams will learn to use Salesforce to become more effective by:

  • Freeing up their time
  • Keeping on top of their opportunities
  • Communicating more frequently and effectively with management
  • Improving forecast accuracy
  • Growing the bottom line

We help organizations realize all of the benefits that led you to invest in Salesforce in the first place.

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How It Works

We identify your sales processes and determine your training needs.



We develop customized training content to reflect how your sales team sells with Salesforce.


We train both sellers and sales leadership, incorporating their real world selling scenarios.


We continue to work with the sales teams to help them employ our proven adoption strategies to ensure success.
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Training for Salesforce

What Makes Us Different

We are a Salesforcetraining & adoption firm only. We are not implementers of Salesforce. You will not get an IT consultant in front of a room of sales people showing them which buttons to click.

We tailor each and every Salesforce adoption solution to what our client needs. No two solutions are ever the same, as no two clients are ever exactly alike.

Our team training is never off-the-shelf. Your Salesforce is customized to either a small or very significant degree. Why wouldn’t your training be the same?

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“The trainer did an outstanding job. He was clear, concise, educational, patient and engaging!”

Salesforce ROI

~ Eugene Calabria

CEO, GBS Corp.
Salesforce training program

Key Reasons You Might Be Getting Low Adoption on Salesforce

These are the four primary reasons companies experience low Salesforce Adoption.
Do any of them apply to your organization?


Lack of a Formal Change Management Plan

When you launched Salesforce, you likely had a true Project Management plan in place with lots of executive support. But did you include a formal Change Management strategy focused on the people side of change? Without a formal Change Management strategy in place, it doesn’t matter how well Salesforce was designed. If people don’t change how they do their job, then you can’t ultimately achieve what you set out to do in the beginning.


You’re Measuring the Wrong Metrics

Are all your Salesforce reports geared towards closed deals and booked revenue? These are lagging indicators. Those are still useful. But in order to truly leverage the power of Salesforce and your Seller’s time, you should be capturing your sales team’s key selling activities also – meetings, proposals, prospecting efforts. These leading indicators help you to steer your team in the right direction.

Lack of Coaching from Sales Managers

Besides a formal training session, your frontline managers must be equipped with the tools and strategies to coach their teams towards a better, more effective application of Salesforce. This of course means that they first need to be experts in Salesforce themselves. Are you one of those companies where the sales teams were better users of the tool than the leaders?

Too many hurdles for Sales People Trying to Input Data

We’ve seen flaws from not having the actual sales process – if one has been defined at all – be properly represented in the Opportunity Stages, one Opportunity Record Type for multiple types of Opportunities, not using some of the native tools like Sales Path, not tracking the right activities, or making tracking too cumbersome, and far too little attention given to the mobile experience – probably the most important element. We’ve seen systems so over-engineered that the salesperson needs to jump through so many hurdles just to log a call or close a deal, we don’t blame them for not wanting to use it. We wouldn’t either quite frankly.