The Danger of Prescribing Your Own Medicine

Sometimes I know I am right. Like when I visit my doctor with an ailment and I know exactly what medicine will fix it. My doctor basically says, “not so fast Cowboy, let’s order a few tests.” Then I think – a stall tactic, another waste of time for something I already know I need. Only to have the tests come back diagnosing a completely different issue.

Guess I’d better stick to Salesforce Training and not play doctor.

This gets me thinking. Once in a while I will receive a phone call from a client, “Mark, we have a problem and here’s how you can solve it.” They’ve already diagnosed the problem before taking a deep dive into the root of the problem(s). Sound familiar?

The point I am trying to make is when one assumes where the issue is, most of the time they are incorrect (or only half right). By self-prescribing their own problem, they are at risk of not getting the full benefit of what Salesforce Training can do.

Yes, it will cost more money and time to get to the root of problem but we all know that when you peel off the Band-Aid, there can be a whole host of unresolved deeper issues.

Getting back to my doctor, I am pretty sure he has a reputation to uphold too – he wouldn’t be a good doctor if he didn’t look at the entire picture first and then make his decision based on fact and his own information. As a professional, I can appreciate and respect his reasoning because I apply the same approach with my clients. With my trained eye, I can spot the source efficiently and provide solutions – perhaps to problems before they even occur.

I want my clients to have the best training experience – rather than the “take two Aspirin” approach, because it limits the effectiveness of training and only offers temporary relief.

While I have no plans for a Dr. Mark daytime talk show any time soon, I would be happy to talk to you about your Salesforce adoption issues and work with you to solve them.


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