Course Overview (1 or 2 Day Course)

Most successful sellers, consultants and / or influencers believe the key to their success is the ability to communicate effectively with clients, and to develop and grow strong relationships with them. In our Value-Based Selling Skills Workshop, we specifically focus on the processes, skills and tools necessary to improve your ability to effectively communicate and build relationships with your prospects and clients. We do this through a combination of interactive lecture and ‘doing-it’ clinics and role-plays Our courses are completely customized to the sales team’s actual real world sales calls, but generally, the Value-Based Selling Skills Workshop typically consists of some, if not all, of the following modules:

  • Consultative and Added Value Relationships
  • Sales Call Structure and Planning
  • Prospecting / appointment setting skills
  • Referral selling skills
  • Networking skills
  • Meeting planning skills
  • Questioning, listening, probing and summarizing skills
  • Opportunity qualifying skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Objection handling, negotiating and closing skills
  • Team selling skills
  • Account and opportunity management skills

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