Course Overview

Selling on the Inbound Call

Most successful call centre agents believe the key to their success is the ability to efficiently and effectively deal with inbound customer issues, and then transition the call into a selling opportunity.

Many call centre agents lack the confidence and comfort required to effectively initiate a selling conversation with an inbound call. Traditional training focuses customer service, not the communication skills and tools required to increase their ability to cross-sell.

In our Selling on the Inbound Call Workshop, we specifically focus on the processes, skills and tools necessary to improve your ability to effectively resolve inbound customer issues, and then confidently transition into a cross selling dialogue with the customer. We do this through a combination of interactive lecture and ‘doing-it’ role-plays, based on your real-world customer situations.

This workshop typically consists of the following modules:

  • Customer Service and Selling
  • Call Structure for Inbound Selling
  • Answering the Call and Getting Attention
  • Investigating and Resolving the Customer’s Issue
  • Validating the Selling Need
  • Making a Compelling Recommendation
  • Handling Objections and Getting Customer Agreement
  • Coaching and Mentoring the Process
  • Role-Play Practice Clinics

The benefits of this workshop and the proven methodologies, skills and tools you will learn and practice, are improved handling of inbound customer issues, and the increased confidence to initiate and develop selling opportunities.

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