Course Overview

Sales resources are typically the most expensive resource a company employs. In order to get the greatest return on this investment, sales managers must learn to effectively manage and utilize sales resources.

Managing sales resources requires methodologies, skills and tools that are different from the skills required to sell effectively – and the majority of sales managers come from the sales “rank and file”.

In our two-day Advanced Sales Management Workshop, you will learn a number of proven processes, skills and tools to help make you a more effective sales manager. This workshop typically consists of the following modules:

  • Sales Managers’ Role and Activities
  • WIN-WIN Sales Management
  • The Sell Cycle
  • Forecasting
  • Managing Sales Processes and Tools
  • Conducting Effective Monthly Sales Reviews
  • Performance Improvement Programs
  • Conducting Effective Sales Meetings
  • Managing the Sales Process
  • Managing By Results

The benefit of this workshop, whether you are new to sales management or just looking for a refresher, is a set of proven methodologies, skills and tools for effectively managing your sales resources. In addition, you will use your own sales people, and situations, for the clinics in this workshop, which will give you a head start to more effectively managing these resources immediately after the workshop.

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