Course Overview

A major sale is one where several people or groups will be involved in the purchase decision. It will normally be a relatively large dollar amount and will usually take several weeks or months before a decision is made. A major sale may take years to complete.

To successfully close major sales within large accounts, salespeople must develop their selling skills beyond the basics. They can no longer rely on just having a few well placed contacts within an account. Today’s sales professional has to locate, assess and sell all of the decision makers that are involved in a major sale. When these accounts are located in various geographic locations or in various countries, coordination of the sales effort becomes a necessity.

The Major Account Selling program consists of three advanced selling elements; basic account management, opportunity seeking, and opportunity management. Similar selling and planning techniques that have been adopted by many major successful North American companies such as Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Marriott Corp, etc. This approach works equally well for smaller organizations who must handle complex sales to major accounts.

This workshop typically consists of the following modules:

  • What is a Major Account
  • 12 keys to Developing Major Accounts
  • Major Account Buying Process
  • Strategy vs Tactics
  • Assessing the Decision Makers
  • The 4 Urgency Levels & Their Importance
  • Hot Spots & Danger Signals
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Finding and Selling to the Financial Decision Maker
  • Defining Your Ideal Customer
  • Putting Major Account Selling to Work
  • Who Should Attend

This course is designed for seasoned sales professionals who are responsible for handling large dollar, major sales to key accounts.

Putting Major Account Selling to Work

Participants are requested to bring an actual sales opportunity with them as the later portion of the program is devoted to applying the Major Account Selling principles to real world sales situations.


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