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For the majority of ‘sellers’, proactive prospecting, whether it is for new accounts or new business within an existing account, is not fun. As a result, it is often avoided if there are other activity options and distractions available. The reason is that the challenge in prospecting is to achieve the Attention, Interest and Need of a potential client who isn’t asking for help. This leads to a high rate of non-interest and the rejection most of us dislike.Two key elements are required for effective prospecting. The first is a shift in your attitude to ‘maintain a positive attitude by assuming a negative result’. The second is to have proven process skills, methodologies and tools such that you can:

  • Find ‘warm’ prospects and avoid ‘cold’ prospecting,
  • Conduct prospect and person research before making contact,
  • Define the product or service to be promoted, get attention and develop the approach letter,
  • Make telephone contact following the letter,
  • Deal with the client ‘screen’,
  • Conduct first call research and preparation,
  • Keep track of the success of the campaign.

The benefit of this one-day workshop is that it addresses these key elements in a format that allows you to develop a ‘Product or Service Definition’ for your campaign, a ‘Prospecting Letter’, a ‘Telephone Script’ and contact strategy, and a ‘Campaign Log’ to track the success of your campaign.

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