How Can IT People “Get” Sales People?

In order to have Salesforce function properly, the role of the IT department is to make sure the CRM is set up and running. System configurations have to be ironed out such as security settings, workflow automation, page layouts, approval processes and data fields created. IT puts the “force” into Salesforce. However, we frequently see IT teams building a sales tool for sales teams without their input.

We know this isn’t intentional – there’s a project that needs to be completed and ABC needs to happen. The lack of interdepartmental communication is the biggest issue with Salesforce and affects adoption levels. When a sales CRM tool is the responsibility of a department that has no, or very little understanding of the sales process you can guarantee there will be trouble down the road.

Salesforce Training recommends that the IT department (and/or Sales Ops) and the sales team work together and regularly check in with each other. Here’s how:

  • Members of the IT team ride along with a few top performing sales reps for one week; they observe the sales rep’s day to day. Crazy notion, I know! They should be watching for things like seeing and hearing what the customers are really like and how the rep wants to log their sales calls – perhaps see how the data fields or workflows could be set up differently?)
  • Salesforce Super Users attend IT meetings about Salesforce and share their insights and user scenarios;
  • IT asks sales managers how they measure business – i.e. what key metrics do they need to see each day/ week/month to gage the health of the sales pipeline to make sure that the numbers will be met;

Here’s what can happen:

  • Better reports are generated based on IT’s observations;
  • The activities that top sales performers do that leads to the best results are reflected in the CRM;
  • Money is saved because system upgrades (add-on’s) may not be needed due to re-configuring of fields;
  • Tools and shortcuts are discovered by the sales team; which save time.

When IT and sales gather to watch, listen and learn from each other – you can imagine the awesomeness THAT can be realized – not to mention the years added to a Sales Manager’s life.

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