Anatomy of the Salesforce Super User

You have a group of Salesforce keeners on your team. Congratulations, you are one step closer to adoption of Salesforce. Now let’s harness that enthusiasm and make it work for you.

Every organization will discover Salesforce Super Users – employees with expertise on both business process and Salesforce. They come from IT, the training department, Sales Ops, Sales Management or the sales department. Tweet: @salescoaching Salesforce Super Users form the backbone for your ongoing Salesforce training requirements.

During Salesforce training sessions, I can spot them. They ask lots of questions, they lean forward in their chairs, they’re taking notes and you can see the wheels turning in their heads. These employees are your Salesforce super stars and they need to shine. Because, if they shine, you shine too.

Your new best friends are very special people because they “get it”. They get why your company is implementing Salesforce, the value it serves and most importantly they want to help.

Here is how to spot Super Users:

  • They pay attention at meetings about Salesforce
  • They offer to help you and have suggestions for improvement
  • They understand the understand the vision and value of your implementation
  • They’re keeners
  • They’ve likely worked at another organization that used Salesforce and so bring a new perspective about best use cases
  • Big picture thinkers
  • They’re passionate about helping others adopt Salesforce
  • They see the pain points (they can identify road blocks along the path of adoption)
  • They are the first people employees go to for help
  • Oddly enough, they’re not necessarily the best sales people. Now you want them to be competent so that the team respects them, but usually the absolute best performers are some of the poorest adopters. (Sad, but true)

Super Users are often natural leaders, well-respected by their peers, and can be your evangelists in the field. Inevitably, they will be able to answer more Salesforce questions than you ever can handle.

If you have trouble identifying these gems from the start, ask your Executive Sponsor and stakeholders to identify the Super Users. No doubt they’ve noticed them.

Here’s what you do next.

5 ways to motivate your Super Users:

  1. Involve your Super Users in the rollout by giving them sneak peeks and early opportunities to train on the new technology.
  1. Officially recognize their Super User status through a special designation, like a custom icon on their Chatter profile photo. Reward them for their passion with perks to let them know that you appreciate their efforts. All of this helps validate their role as leaders in your employee community and empowers them to help others.
  1. Work with them. Start a private Super User Chatter Group so they can share best practices amongst themselves. LinkedIn is a hotbed of Super User groups.
  1. Host a special “Super User Lunch” so everyone can meet monthly.
  1. Involve them in a special project

These natural-born adoption boosters can be incredible in helping you answer questions and provide support to your team.

Now, once you’ve identified and motivated your Super Users, consider using them for all of your ongoing training and on boarding requirements. We can work with your Super Users and create a post-implementation roadmap, and get your “training team” ready with our Train-the-Trainer sessions

If you need assistance in identifying future Super Users, let me know and I will help you identify them.

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