Advice for Managing Sales Teams Working 100% Remote

What advice would you give to teams now working 100% remotely? What tips can you provide to keep morale high?

As a leader of a training company, this post may come across as a little self-serving. However, there really has never been a better time to take advantage of upgrading your team’s skills and leveraging long distance, or virtual learning.

Think about it for a second. Most organisations vastly underinvest in skills training for their employees, particularly salespeople. The reasons for this are numerous, but one common explanation given is the lack (or perceived lack) of time. With ever present quotas to meet, many sales leaders feel as if they simply can’t afford to take precious time away from selling activities. If they do invest in training, it’s usually squeezed into a day or half-day at the company’s annual retreat. And it’s more often than not, a one-time event, with little to no follow up or plan to incorporate the new skills into daily routines and ongoing practice.

However, with the recent and sweeping changes to the way we live and conduct business, most of us are stuck at home, with much fewer prospects to call on. With the economy grounding to a standstill for many industries, sales people and sales leaders have never had as much idle time as they do right now. What better time than right now, to provide your sellers with additional training resources to keep them focused and sharp, and upgrade their skills at the same time.

At Salesforce Training we see an enormous opportunity for companies to use this unique period to re-invest in their teams by leveraging online training. The benefits are plentiful, including;

  • Minimal disruption regular daily selling time, given that there is nothing regular about these unique times;
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s continued commitment to the betterment and ongoing skills enhancement of your teams;
  • A chance to keep teams engaged socially by learning together;
  • A way to keep morale high as people naturally want to feel productive and that they are contributing, when much of their traditional ways to do this have been stripped;
  • A way to ensure that your teams are ready and prepared to bust out of the gate when the current situation ultimately ends and we can all get back to the normal state of affairs.
  • A way to ensure that you are using this time wisely as once we get back to normal, training time will be almost non-existent, given the mandates to “catch-up” and make up for lost time.

On our end, we’ve been running virtual training for close to ten years, and so are well equipped when it comes to knowing how to engage learners from afar. The techniques to delivering an effective online class are much different than an onsite class, but the impact is often just as strong.

While we all are desperate to resume our normal routines, both in our personal and our professional lives, there’s no way to know exactly when that might be. In the meantime, we need to make the most of the situation we’re facing, and upgrading our team’s skills is certainly a smart option for now.