Turning Training into Observable and Measurable Results

Program Overview

Just because sales teams have access to Salesforce, and have been trained extensively, does not mean that they will automatically use it.

Salesforce Training solves that problem. We’ve got lots of experience getting Sales Teams to want to use Salesforce and use it effectively. We know what it takes, including working with individual sales people and front line management. We’ll make sure it all sticks.

Our Adoption Program delivers the following:

  • Getting Sales Teams – especially the top reps  –  to understand how Salesforce can help them be more effective.
  • Implementing Adoption metrics tracked through reports and dashboards.
  • Implementing Knowledge Checks to evaluate current knowledge of Salesforce for each user and provide coaching where required.
  • Coaching the sales and service leaders to effectively manage change.
  • Reinforcing desired behaviors through top down feedback.

What happens Next?

Your organization will be better equipped to take full advantage of Salesforce.

We’ll help your Sales Leaders develop a true Adoption plan through our “Plan to Win” program, including:

  • Opportunity Pipeline Reports that will measure your Sales Team’s improvement on creating, progressing and closing new Opportunities
  • A plan for running effective Pipeline Review meetings using Salesforce Lightning Kanban Boards
  • A series of Knowledge Reviews that your power users will manage
  • Activity and Adoption Reports in Salesforce that will measure how much your team is using Salesforce
Salesforce Training Testimonial

“Great job – needed this training when I first started using Salesforce 2 years ago! Better late than never :-)”

Stacy Kirkbride, Testimonial

~ Stacey Kirkbride

Business Development Rep, NPD Group Inc.