A New Year’s Resolution

First – a confession. We’ve engaged in sales training assignments for clients and have NOT helped them improve sales results. At least, not in any significant, measurable manner.

And so, in 2012, we resolve to only work with clients in which we are absolutely, with 100% clarity and certainty, helping organizations to sell more than they are prior to our engagement.

And how do we intend to accomplish this, prey tell? Well, for a long time, we’d be making the same mistakes that most sales training firms do, and that is, we do what our clients tell us to do. And primarily, that is to organize and deliver sales training workshops. Quite frankly, that just doesn’t cut it. Something along the lines of 87% of every dollar put into sales training is wasted. Perhaps one or two sales reps are able to close one more deal than they may have, but honestly, that’s a pretty pathetic ROI, we’d have to admit.

No, the real key is to start with the sales management team. Our intent is to work closely with the leaders of the sales organization, identify the trouble spots that are hindering sales growth and then help sales management to plug the holes and show them how to create, implement and manage lasting, sustainable change.